Christina Aguilera Gets “Dirrty” For Steamy Music Video Shoot

The pop favourite has stripped off for her latest video.

Christina Aguilera in the Dirrty era.Image Getty

There was a time when Christina Aguilera was too dirty to clean her act up.

In 2002, the pop starlet wowed fans all over the world with the super-steamy video for her global smash hit Dirrty.

Music videos were a big deal back then and with access to high speed internet still several years away for most people, fans tended to flock to TV stations like MTV to watch these polished promo clips.

Directed by Dave LaChapelle, the video featured a sweaty Aguilera, kitted out in a bikini and buttocks-revealing chaps, riding into a nightclub on a motorcycle before getting involved in a brutal looking boxing match with one predictable winner.

The video holds an important place in history too. Well, sort of. Aguilera is widely credited with creating the “slut drop” dance move here, which the move featuring prominently in the clip. There’s also a lot of mud wrestling and fetish stuff too.

In any case, the whole thing was insane and set the tone for a lot of the explicit music videos that came in the years that followed.

It also courted plenty of controversy and criticism of course, with Time commenting that she “appeared to have arrived on the set… direct from an intergalactic hooker convention.”

Aguilera took a different path from there, exploring a more mature sound that saw her ditch the chaps in favour of something a little demurer.

The 37-year-old has evidently had a change of heart, however, if the video for new song Accelerate is anything to go by.

Her first song in six years, the video is pretty steamy, with Aguilera shown rubbing some strange transparent slime over her face and naked body.

Well, nearly naked – she has been careful enough to put tape over her nipples. Because this is for kids, apparently.

It’s a raunchy track too, with the meaning behind “Accelerate” apparently a reference to Christina’s desire to accelerate things in the bedroom. Be careful what you wish for.

Produced by Kanye West, the song comes as part of a new approach from Aguilera, who is evidently keen to return to her Dirrty roots. Mission accomplished.

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