Chrissy Teigen Totally OWNS Her Wardrobe Malfunction At The Super Bowl

The supermodel just reminded us all why we love her.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen The model and social media sensation. Image Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is a total boss – that’s just a fact of life – and she’s become one of loaded’s favourite superstars over recent times.

If she’s not shutting down trolls online, she’s making a stunning return to Sports Illustrated, but things don’t always go smoothly – not even for supermodels.

The 31-year-old hit back at haters after suffering an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at the AMAs, and she suffered a similar fate at the Super Bowl recently too.

As one fan spotted, Teigen suffered a “nip slip” in the stands during Sunday night’s game, which made headlines around the world.

Rather than withdrawing herself and hoping the whole thing would go away though, Chrissy owned the slip up, and hit back at fans in the best way.

Responding to a clip which someone had tagged her in, Chrissy replied directly to the video by saying: “Boom goes the dynamite”.

That wasn’t all either, Chrissy also posted videos of herself chowing down on pizza, hot dogs and nachos at the event, and she seemed totally unfazed by the whole thing.

See the clip below:

It’s just the latest reminder that Chrissy is a total badass, and proves she’s one superstar we can all look up to.

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