Shop Sells Chocolate Orange And Lettuce Sandwich, Internet Goes Mad

This looks and sounds absolutely disgusting...

Chocolate Orange And Lettuce
Chocolate Orange And Lettuce The weirdest sandwich ever Image Twitter/@SirSandGoblin

The world is full of weird and wonderful food combinations, and there are millions of potentially amazing flavour combos just waiting to be discovered.

Some unusual mixes actually end up tasting amazing – loaded recently tried peanut butter and mayo on a burger and it’s changed our lives forever – but some are just downright wrong.

One dish that definitely falls into the latter category is a controversial new sandwich being sold in Wales.

So what’s in this sandwich? Ham? Ham and cheese? Ham, cheese and salad? Nope – it’s actually Terry’s Chocolate Orange and lettuce. Obviously…

A shop in Cardiff has gone viral after offering customers rolls stuffed with chocolate and salad – no butter – for £2.25.

That wasn’t all either. The shop were also trying to peddle liquorice allsorts rolls for £0.99. Both sandwiches were in the reduced section, so can’t have been selling that well.

Of course, you don’t have to traipse all the way to Wales to try it out for yourself.

loaded thought we’d try it out for ourselves, and a quick trip to Tesco’s later, we were putting together our own sample sandwich.

Let’s just say this: It somehow manages to make two of our favourite ingredients – Chocolate and bread – taste like crap. Never again. Never, never again.

We weren’t the only people who absolutely disagree with the strange combination, and Twitter has been full of negative comments ever since the news broke.

Here at loaded, we’re always up for trying interesting food combos, but this is definitely a step too far.

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