Is Chicken Connoisseur Causing A Fried Chicken Crisis In London?

The success of the Pengest Munch has created a serious problem.

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The success of Chicken Connoisseur – the YouTube series that sees London’s best local fried chicken shops rated or slated by Elijah Quashie – is prompting a notable increase in the price of spicy wings, fries and strip burgers across the capital and it’s all down to hipsters.

Fronted by budding presenter and would-be food critic Elijah Quashie, “The Pengest Munch” series has racked up millions of views on the streaming website and made overnight stars of those involved.

But, as the Evening Standard reports, the series is also having a knock-on effect on some of the prices attached to the fried chicken that has featured on the show to date.

According to the report, the prices in Eden’s Cottage in Finsbury Park, have gone up since the establishment earned a five-star review from the Chicken Connoisseur – something that prompted a major influx in hipsters looking to try out the highly-rated takeaway cuisine.

For example, the price of a strip burger and chips has gone from £1.99 to £2.49 already while the shop’s £2.99 spicy wings deal now includes just five wings, rather than the previous standard of 10.

Speaking to the Standard, however, Eden’s Cottage worker Kanga Saran admitted that the rise had come as a result of the influx of customers.

“We have lots of new faces now and big queues,” she said.

“We hadn’t changed the prices in five years so we re-did the menu and everything has gone up a little bit. I think we are more popular now because we got that good review, people from outside the area are coming to our shop.”

The change has seen locals and regular customers react with anger on social media, with several taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

However, the wider concern for Londoners as a whole is that the increased exposure many of these bargain-priced chicken shops are enjoying could result in price increases across the board.

All of which means, the days of five hot wings for a quid could soon be over and that’s before we factor in the potential price change that could occur as a result of Brexit.

It might be time to stock up on strip burgers, spicy wings and chicken nuggets now, before it’s too late.

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