It Turns Out Cheese Is WAY Healthier For Us Than You’d Think

Incredible new study shows cheese doesn't increase the risk of heart attacks or strokes.

Glorious cheese...
Glorious cheese... The delicious food is not as unhealthy as you'd think Image Wallpaperscraft

A new study has been revealed, which suggests that cheese is much healthier for us than previously thought.

For years scientists have been telling us that smothering our food in cheese is a bad idea, but new evidence suggests that it’s not true at all.

In fact, the findings, which were gathered from 29 different comprehensive studies and published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, state that the delicious food stuff does not contribute to greater risk of death or conditions like coronary heart disease.

As The Guardian reports, nutrition professor Ian Givens from Reading University revealed that the negative health connotations associated with cheese could all be false.

“While it is a widely held belief [that cheese is unhealthy], our research shows that that’s wrong.”


“There’s been a lot of publicity over the last five to 10 years about how saturated fats increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and a belief has grown up that they must increase the risk, but they don’t.”

Men are recommended to eat no more than 30g of saturated fat per day, as it’s directly linked with higher levels of cholesterol in the blood, and a resulting increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, the new evidence suggests that dairy products like cheese are not linked with increased risk of related illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes.

It’s good news for food lovers everywhere – especially if you’re crackers about cheese…

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