Chechen President Plotting “Fight To The Death” Matches With UFC Stars

Ramzan Kadyrov is not a man to be f*cked with.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.
Ramzan Kadyrov He wants blood and he wants death Image Getty

Ramzan Kadyrov is not a man you want to fuck with.

The Head of the Chechen Republic, Kadyrov stands accused of countless human rights abuses that put him among the most dangerous and powerful men on the planet.

And things are getting worse – now he’s got a taste for blood.

The creator of Chechnya’s very own MMA fight league, “Akhmat MMA”, Kadyrov not only believes Chechens are the best fighters on the planet but also that they will soon get the opportunity to prove it against UFC’s finest, in the most extreme of circumstances.

Speaking during a chilling profile for the HBO series Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and published by Yahoo, Kadyrov laid out his chilling vision.

“We propose that UFC and Akhmat face off in a tournament,” he said.

“And we’ll see who has the strongest fighters. I think it would be quite a spectacle. They would fight to the end. A fight to the death.”

Though it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing Conor McGregor going all Game of Thrones anytime soon, the mere mention of this kind of thing should send a shiver down the spine.

But then Kadyrov was born into blood, a modern day warlord with a lust for violence.

“Yes, I’ve been fighting since I was 15,” Kadyrov tells interviewer David Scott. “I know what war is. I’m an excellent soldier and a good strategist. I love to fight. I was born and raised in war. To die in battle would be my greatest joy.”

Having seen a type of Medieval UFC emerge in Russia, with fighters bashing seven shades of shit out of each other in full knight’s armour, it would be churlish to completely rule out the idea of death matches in deepest, darkest Chechnya.

Who knows? There may have been one already.

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