The Cheaper The Wedding The Less Likely Divorce Is According To Science

Grooms up and down the land will be doing a merry jig after hearing this.

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The secret to a happy marriage may be through adopting a more frugal attitude to the wedding day itself.

That’s right: penny pinching ahead oft the big event may actually reduce the risk of your happy union ending up with one seriously unhappy uncoupling.

Or at least that is what a study from Emory University reckons.

Their research uncovered a direct correlation between money and divorce rates.

A grand total of 3,000 married couples were studied as part of the research, with factors like income, the importance of attractiveness, religious attendance and wedding attendance all considered.

The findings made for fascinating reading, especially if you happen to be against the idea of splurging five-figure sums on everything from personalised cursive had-written invitations to ethnically-grown elderflower confetti.

Marriage research data.

Because, in the majority of cases, couples who spent less on their wedding were actually less likely to take a one-way trip to splitsville.

Couples spending less than $1.000 were 53% less likely to divorce than those spending $20,000 or more.

It’s not all good news for the penny-pinchers out there, with the study also revealing that those couples who opted to elope faced a higher rate of divorce than those who invited 200 guests or more to their big day – they were 12.5% more likely, to be precise.

Marriage research data.

And whatever you do, don’t skimp on the honeymoon – those who enjoyed a post-wedding trip abroad were actually 41% less likely to divorce than those who decided not to bother.

Marriage research data.

So keep costs low, invite lots of people, book some sort of honeymoon and you could be on to a winner.

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