Charlton Athletic go a long way to piss off entire fan base

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

What the Valley will look like at their next game, empty!

The Premier League season starts tomorrow, in case you didn’t know, but last weekend saw the return of the Football League. Divisions filled with teams who don’t have the same luxuries that some up in the top-flight might have. 

Endless riches, superstar footballers and wonderful stadiums – the Premier League has a huge advantage over its counterparts lower down the football pyramid. 

The other thing that you tend to find the further down the divisions you go is shitehawk owners who the fans struggle to deal with. 

Case in point, Charlton Athletic FC. 

The poor Addicks have been in turmoil for the last few months. The schism between the club’s controversial board and the fans continues to grow. For example, it has emerged that the club has been sending out ‘Behaviour Contracts’ to fans in exchange for season tickets, which the fans had bought! 

Essentially the board were trying to influence what the club’s fans were saying online, to stop them talking negatively about the club basically. A serious own goal.

The letter which has been doing the rounds on social media, written on Charlton stationary, informs fans that their season ticket has only been granted on a ‘conditional basis’ and won’t be issued until the applicant signs the aforementioned contract in person in which they promise not to bad-mouth the club online. 

And yes, we totally agree this is a spectacularly stupid idea. 

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