Charlie Sheen Opens Up About His Wild Night Out With Lindsay Lohan

This story won't do Lindsay any favours...

Lindsay and Charlie on the town.. Image (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen just opened up about one crazy night with Lindsay Lohan.

During an appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O show in Australia, the actor let loose with a story about a wild evening with none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Back in 2013, Sheen was starring on the show Anger Management, in which Lohan made a cameo appearance. On the day of filming Sheen claims Lohan was worse for wear that morning after a night on the lash.

He said: “She must have had a big night one time, and we had this garbage bin on the set and the crew and cast named in the ‘Lindsay’ bin because she was puking into it.”

Lindsay was playing herself on the show, where she was meant to be ‘dating’ Charlie’s character.

It sounds like a pretty grim day at work but Lohan lived up to her reputation and joined Charlie at his home that night for a drink. “Either I outdrank her, or she outdrank me, and all I know is, she tucked me into bed and said, ‘Sleep well, sweet prince,’” the actor recounted.

Sounds like classic Lohan to us.

Sheen also revealed other tantalising details about his Hollywood experiences, including a famous friend who tried to lure him into the infamous Scientology. “Yes, actually. There was one – and she’s a dear friend of mine. It’s Kelly Preston, who’s married to John Travolta.’

The wild times of Charlie Sheen are always good for an entertaining story or two.

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