Charles Manson Reportedly Close To Death

The 83-year-old has never confessed to his crimes - will the truth of what happened that night die with him?

Charles Manson following his arrest.
Charles Manson Following his arrest in 1969.

Infamous killer and psychopath Charles Manson is reportedly on his death bed and deteriorating fast.

According to TMZ, the 83-year-old was rushed to Bakersfield hospital in central California where a source told the website “it’s not going to get any better for him.”

Manson was previously hospitalized in January followed severe intestinal bleeding. Though Mason required surgery to fix a lesion, doctors deemed him too weak for the procedure at the time and sent him back to prison.

The leader of the infamous California cult that killed pregnant Hollywood star Sharon Tate and six others in August 1969, Manson has never admitted to any wrongdoing, insisting he was setup for the crimes by his friends.

Sharon Tate, one of the Manson family's victims.
Sharon Tate. One of the Manson family's victims. Image Getty

Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor in the 1970 trial of Manson, offered up the clearest account of the murders, based on the testimony of friends, witnesses and those involved. The story goes that Manson emerged as a self-proclaimed Christ-like figure of sorts in the swinging 1960s, and a time when drugs and sex dominated popular culture.

That atmosphere of free love allowed Manson to develop quite a following, eventually taking his cadre of followers with him to L.A. to seek out fame and fortune.

Manson soon befriended Beach Boys star Dennis Wilson and even came close to making it as a musician in his own right. But by 1969, something inside Manson had changed. He became obsessed with the Beatles’ song Helter Skelter and began dreaming about an apocalyptic war between blacks and whites.

Charles Manson in court.
Charles Manson in court.

He envisioned a future where his group would live out their days in the desert, awaiting the arrival of the blacks, who would come and beg him to be their leader as Manson felt they could not lead themselves.

By August 9th 1969, Manson had grown tired of waiting for this apocalypse to arrive so enlisted cult members Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins and recent arrival Linda Kasabian to go to an affluent looking property in Cielo Drive and “totally destroy everyone in [it], as gruesome as you can” according to Bugliosi’s book.

They were to also leave clues to make it appear as if the murders were the work of the Black Panthers. They killed four people that night, in a frenzied 25-minute attack that resulting in a total of 102 stab wounds.

A day later, Manson sent the group, including this time Leslie Van Houten, to kill three more, leaving behind messages reading “pig” and “death to pigs” scrawled in blood. Manson apparently hoped that the murders would spur white people to take violent revenge – but few connected the dots.

Charles Manson now.
Charles Manson Now

Bugliosi’s theory relied heavily on the testimony of Kasabian, who was given immunity as part of a plea deal, having claimed she was not present when any of the killings took place. It was her testimony that helped convict Manson and the four other members of the Manson family, of the murders but some scepticism remains.

The problem is that, despite the evidence against him, Manson still insists he is innocent of any wrongdoing and that the group acted of their own accord. Ultimately, unless Manson comes clean, the full story of what happened to Sharon Tate and the others may never come to light and time is fast running out.

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