Meet the former model flying high as a US Air Force pilot

Charissa Littlejohn is no relation to Richard though she have some of his exhibitionist qualities.

Charissa Littlejohn beachside
Beach break Charissa Littlejohn living it up on a recent shoot. Image Charissa Littlejohn Instagram

Instagram is littered with any number of aspiring models, but few have a story quite like Charissa Littejohn.

Littlejohn first made a name as a basketball player in high school, where her impressive form earned Florida All State rank for her school.

The statuesque frame that had made her such an impressive athlete was soon put to good use again. After she graduated, Littlejohn signed on for BMG Models in Los Angeles.

Having relocated to Las Vegas, Littlejohn carved out a career as a fashion, swimwear, lingerie and fitness model. Photoshoots, video assignments and advertising work came along the way.

Charissa Littlejohn close up
Up close and personal Charissa Litteljohn has attracted plenty of admirers on Instagram Image Charissa Littlejohn Instagram

Yet it was during her time in the Nevada desert that Littlejohn’s life took a bold new direction.

Having made friends with several members of the US Air Force stationed out in Vegas, Littlejohn took the bold decision to swap modelling for military.

Enlisting in the Air Force, Littlejohn completed her training and was assigned to the Yokota Air Base in Tokyo.

Initially trained as an EMT Medic working in a busy Emergency Room, she eventually moved on to the role of Protocol Specialist, organising events and conferences for government officials and delegates including the President himself.

After five years of active service, Littlejohn returned to Florida, enrolling in a Master’s program for a degree in Healthcare Administration.

Fitness and modelling remain her twin passions, with Littlejohn attracting plenty of attention on Instagram.

Charissa Littlejohn
Sun kissed Charissa Littlejohn strikes yet another pose on the beach. Image Charissa Littlejohn Instagram

With some 42,000 followers, 28-year-old Littlejohn is also fast becoming a popular fixture on social media.

And if we have learned anything about her, we have a feeling that there could be another unexpected turn just around the corner.

You can follow Charissa Littlejohn on Instagram here and Twitter here.

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