These Hedge Fund Managers Just Installed “Champagne Buttons” At Work

Because they deserve it?

wolf of wall street
Sounds familiar.... Wolf of Wall Street Image Paramount Pictures

A group of hedge fund gents have decided to install a champagne button in their brand new offices.

The company behind the unnecessary accessory is Enstar Capital. They are currently developing a £100 million building in Soho, London which chief executive Simon Lyons told the Evening Standard will be ‘the finest office complex in Soho, built to last 100 years’.

Great, we have a century to look at it. Employees of Enstar will be treated to the finer things in life during a hard day of work, including caviar and cocktails.

bobbob ricard
Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

The plan is to install dumbwaiters throughout the building which will be connected to champagne buttons in each office, inspired by the nearby swanky eatery Bob Bob Ricard who decided to offer a button ages ago. But, they can because they’re a restaurant. 

With a mere press of a button, exhausted hedge fund managers will quickly receive a much-needed glass of bubbly and get back to funding hedges.

This isn’t the first time Enstar has gussied up an office; they also own a building in Mayfair whose toilets are gold-plated.

soho building
Enstar Capital Image The Evening Standard

Considering the fact that the country is on its knees financially, this is quite an extravagance to be boasting about and yet another reason why the 1% are the fucking worst. Tossers. 

Still, if you could have a button for something in your office what would it be? Ours would be for bank holidays, or beer. 

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