Celtic supporter uses small child as scarf during Brendan Rodgers unveiling

This Hoops fan found an ingenious way to show his appreciation for the new boss.

Celtic v Rangers Preview
Celtic delight Their home fans create quite the atmosphere. Image Photo Julian Finney/Getty Images

The Brendan Rodgers era at Celtic has started as it means to go on – in truly bizarre scenes reminiscent of something out of The Office.

Rodgers has something of a reputation for spouting David Brentisms when the situation calls for it – even though it rarely does.

So it was fitting that his Parkhead unveiling should have a little of the Ricky Gervais about it with one Celtic fan spotted using a child, clad in a Hoops shirt, in place of a scarf.

Holding the young boy aloft in a show of admiration for Rodgers, the fan in question seemingly pulled off the impossible with everyone evidently oblivious to his Michael Jackson-like show of neglect.



Fortunately, a woman, who may or may not be his partner or the parent of the young boy, was on hand to stop things getting out of control.

Imagine holding a young boy above your head during an entire rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone? It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Despite the bizarre nature of the incident, Rodgers will have taken plenty of heart from the welcome he received.

Now he had best deliver Champions League group stage football next season otherwise, there could be more than just children being thrown his way.

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