Celebrity Naked Attraction? Popularity of dating show could prompt spin-off

The Channel 4 experiment appears to have been a success – so what next?

Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction.Image Channel 4

When Naked Attraction first arrived on our screens, it was greeted with a mixture of shock, revulsion and bemusement.

Something a ground-breaking show, in the fact that it is the first dating show to feature people completely stark bollock naked, it’s also proven to be a hit with Channel 4 witnessing a spike in the number of viewers tuning in on Mondays at 10:30pm.

Though the broadcaster has so far failed to confirm it, the show could now be set for a second series, with rumours circulating on Twitter that casting has already begun.


And should a second helping of Naked Attraction and the always-risqué Anna Richardson reap similar rewards, in terms of viewers, then do not be surprised to see a Celebrity version arrive soon after.

Channel 4 has made a habit of turning out celebrity editions of its biggest and best hits with everything from Gogglebox to First Dates getting the A-list treatment.

When contacted for comment, the broadcaster remained tight-lipped on the topic, evidently keen not to dismiss the idea but yet to confirm such plans.

One person who is keen on the idea, however, is loaded’s resident Naked Attraction pundit and all-round social media personality Tracy Kiss.

Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction.
Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

The Dream Celebrity Naked Attraction Line-Up

A contestant on the latest series of the show, Kiss thinks the idea of a Celebrity edition of Naked Attraction could make for fascinating viewing.

“Celebs are such exotic creatures aren’t they? Their hair and makeup always flawless, personal trainers and a team of crew on hand making them look and feel amazing,” she told loaded.

“But what happens when they don’t have all that? I think the power and status people hold certainly gets them to where they are, it buys them adoration and respect but deep down we’re all the same without our clothes on; everybody is human and everybody has flaws.”

Kiss also has a clear idea of the type of celebs she would love to see on the show namely Calum Best and Danny Dyer among others.

Danny Dyer
Top geezer Danny Dyer has gone from film star punchline to TV treasure. Image Picture Tristan Fewings/Getty

“I’d love to see Calum on there because he’s total eye candy, rippling muscles, sexy tattoos and tall,” she explains.

“But would his manhood be the best too?” she added, teasingly.

Dyer, meanwhile, also gets the thumbs up from Kiss, who previously met him back in the day while filming Mean Machine.

“I’m a sucker for a London accent,” she explains.

“I think he’s aged pretty nicely and like a fine wine men get even sexier when they’re rugged and a bit rough around the edges.”

Unfortunately for Kiss, Dyer remains happily married. At least she can watch him regularly strut his stuff on Eastenders. You never know – he could “do a Frank Butcher.”


Meanwhile, when it comes to selecting a picker to whittle down the panel of six would-be male dates, Kiss also has a clear idea of who she would want to see: TOWIE star and reality TV queen Gemma Collins.

Kiss has a good reason, too.

“She has amazing breasts and I heard that she’s got a designer vagina,” she notes.

With Celebrity Big Brother continuing to do the business and Naked Attraction proving similarly popular, the idea might not be as far-fetched as first thought.

Now, does anyone have Calum Best’s number?

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