Controversial Website Publishes Its 2018 Celebrity ‘DeathList’

These are the 50 celebrities tipped to meet their maker over the course of 2018.

The Grim Reaper.

Lists are ten a penny on the internet these days but few are as dark or controversial as The Death List.

First created way back in 1987, The DeathList is an annual list of 50 notable names from the world of celebrity predicted to meet their maker over the coming 12 months. Grim.

Selected by a self-appointed “expert committee” there are a strict set of rules for who gets on the list.

Firstly, they must be famous enough that their demise is reported by the UK media. Secondly, they cannot be famous simply for the fact they are likely to fie soon and finally only 25 candidates can return from the previous year’s list.

Supposedly created in the name of fun, the 2017 Deathlist proved to be the most accurate yet with no fewer than 17 of the names that featured on the list dying over the course of the year just passed.

This year’s list throws up plenty of familiar names and can be viewed in full here.

The Death List top 10.

James Bond fans might be concerned to see Sean Connery’s name on the list while Marvel head honcho Stan Lee also features.

The Pope is also included as is Robert Mugabe, Prince Philip and Steven Hawking.

In a depressing turn of events Paul Gascoigne is also present along with Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood.

Beloved footballer and ex-pundit Jimmy Greaves also appears while musicians Joni Mitchell, Mark E Smith and Olivia Newton-John also make the cut.

Elsewhere,  Eastenders icon June Brown makes the cut while there are significantly more male entries than female with Doris Day, Prunella Scales, Honor Blackman and Vera Lynn among the most notable women on the list.

Politician Tessa Jowell also appears, while Kirk Douglas, who recently celebrated his 102nd birthday tops the list in his 16th appearance on the countdown.

Is the page morally reprehensible or do we need to accept that death is just another part of life? It’s really up to you.

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