Celebrity Big Brother star Aubrey O’Day is a big Jenna Jameson fan

In fact, the US reality star has something of a saucy secret concerning her…

Aubrey O'Day posing for Playboy.
Meet Aubrey O'Day Oh boy, more like. Image Playboy

While it will undoubtedly be the reported arrival of glamour model turned international pop star, Samantha Fox, that generates the most headlines when the Celebrity Big Brother house opens its doors this week, fellow contestant Aubrey O’Day is also one to watch.

Something of a reality TV veteran in the US, O’Day first shot to fame under the tutelage of Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs on the third series of Making the Band.

Fired from the group by Combs over her diva-like behaviour, the 32-year-old enjoyed something of a pop career before her second big reality TV outing on the Celebrity Apprentice.

A memorable contestant who clashed with the usually docile Arsenio Hall, O’Day may have ultimately been fired by Donald Trump but she was nevertheless still among the most entertaining contestants.

Quite what Presidential hope Trump thinks of O’Day now is anyone’s guess with the singer and TV personality involved in some rather more risqué stuff in recent years.

Currently dating a Jersey Shore cast member, having previously revealed she is bisexual, O’Day has posed for everyone from Playboy to Blender.

But it gets better.

A good friend of retired porn star and adult movie legend Jenna Jameson, O’Day revealed in one interview that she had even watched porn involving her new best mate and…well, the quotes speak for themselves.

Aubrey O'Day poses for Playboy
Covering up Aubrey O'Day posing for Playboy Image Playboy

“I watched her [Jenna Jameson’s porn] before she was my BFF, I don’t watch her anymore,” she told Complex.

“I was actually masturbating one night and she was in it and I was like, “Oh no!” I had to turn it off. It was horrible.”

Jameson appeared in the last series of celebrity big brother alongside fellow reality TV star and one-time porn actress Farrah Abraham.

If O’Day proves to be even half as controversial as the previous US pair, Channel 5 could be on to a winner.

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