How This Stunning Globetrotter Just Visited Every Sovereign Nation On Earth

This girl is on a mission

She's got the travel bug. Image Cassie De Pecol/ Instagram

Cassie De Pecol was once just a regular young woman, she was 25-years-old and hailed from a relatively small town in Connecticut. That was until she decided to break a world record almost two years later by travelling to every, single sovereign nation on the planet in the shortest amount of time.

The gorgeous nomad set off on 24th July 2015 and never looked back, and thanks to the glory of social media and selfie sticks, she was able to document her travels the whole way. She visited 196 countries in just over 18 months.

How did she pay for such a journey? Thanks to funding, sponsorships and personal savings, she tallied £160,000 and worked her way through what she calls Expedition 196.


Country #1 of #196: #Palau • • • #JellyfishLake #Expedition196 #PeaceThroughTourism #EveryCountryInTheWorld

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She told The Mail Online, ‘Going to every country was for me a personal quest to learn as much as I could about our world, stepping outside my comfort zone and becoming comfortable in the unknown, while also aiming to leave a legacy behind.’



During her mission she also filmed a documentary about sustainable travel and stayed in many eco-friendly hotels for two-five days during each stop.



Travelling alone as a woman has its setbacks, especially in developing countries that don’t have great gender equality. ‘I’ve been harassed and in sticky situations, whereas a man in the same situation likely wouldn’t have experienced the same,’ she said.



We can think of easier ways to rack up air miles. Well done, Cassie!

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