Case That Turns iPhones Into Androids Smashes Kickstarter Target

Could this be the death of the iPhone?

Death of the iPhone?
The 'Eye' is this the death of the iPhone? Image ESTI Inc/Kickstarter

iPhones are amongst the most popular mobile devices in use around the world today, but if we’re being honest, we’re starting to get a bit fed up with them.

A combination of shocking battery life, high prices, over-reliance on Apple tech, and those stupid iOS updates have turned plenty of people off over recent times.

Now though, a Kickstarter campaign might be about to put iPhone users out of their misery.

An ingenious new phone case that actually converts your iPhone into an android phone is receiving a huge amount of support online.

Called the Eye, the smartphone case features a screen that will run android at the same time as your iPhone.

The device, which will supposedly retail for $189, fits iPhones 6, 6 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, and could be the solution to Apple woes we were all looking for.

So far, 1,574 people have pledged a whopping $216,552 to the cause, smashing the campaign’s $95,000 goal.

The good thing is, the case is still useful even if you don’t want to use it to convert your phone to Android. It acts as a second battery with wireless charging, and also offers 256GB of storage.

There’s no certainty that the Eye will go into full production, but for the sanity of iPhone users everywhere, we certainly hope it will.

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