Carrie Fisher says Donald Trump sniffing “absolutely” cocaine

"I'm an expert."

Carrie Fisher as Star Wars legend Princess Leia in Star Wars
Gold bikini Princess Leia Image Picture Lucasfilm

After two presidential debates against Hillary Clinton, one thing is immediately leaping to attention about Donald Trump – his relentless sniffing.

If it was noticeable in the first presidential debate, then the second saw his nasal passages go into overdrive. Does the GOP presidential nominee have a cold? Or is it something a little more illegal than that?

According to Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher, Trump’s audible sniffing is down to one thing: cocaine.

Yes, the Donald Trump sniffing is down to him hoovering up a load of powder like Scarface’s Tony Montana before stepping up to the podium to face Hillary.

Fisher was asked by a social media follower if Trump’s sniffles were down to drugs, to which she replied: “I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY.”

Fisher famously opened up about her cocaine use in her semi-autobiographical novel Postcards From the Edge.

The actress admitted that she snorted cocaine on the ice planet set of Empire Strikes Back in the early 80s. Fisher confessed that she “didn’t even like coke that much,” but would do whatever was needed to get high at the time.

Fisher’s Trump tweets weren’t reserved solely for Trump’s sniffing. She also opened fire with various cutting missives throughout the debate.

If Trump were a Star Wars character, he’d definitely be Emperor Palpatine.

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