Lesbian vampire YouTube series Carmilla is getting turned into a movie

You won't believe what the fans call themselves...

Carmilla Lesbian vampires in action. Image Smokebomb Entertainment

A scripted lesbian vampire comedy story that has run as a YouTube series for two years and amassed more than 50 million views is being turned into a feature-length film.

The show, which is called Carmilla, is available on Smokebomb’s YouTube channel KindaTV. The story takes place at a fictional university where the main character Laura, begins a relationship with her roommate who it just so happens is a vampire.

According to Variety, the feature film will be set some time after the show’s third season which is now available on the YouTube channel.

The series has gained the notable distinction of having its fans refer to themselves as ‘creampuffs’ after a term used in the series.

The film is set to star all the original actors from the YouTube series and Smokebomb are in talks with distributors and co-production partners. Steph Ouaknine, who has overseen the series so far, is in charge of everything to do with the movie.

Smokebomb clearly have franchises on their minds as they are also developing other extensions to potentially include a live stage show and a TV series. A Carmilla jewellery line is already available.

News of the upcoming movie will no doubt be music to the ears of creampuffs all over the world.

Let’s hope it fares a lot better than James Corden and Mathew Horne’s ill-fated attempt at a similar concept: Lesbian Vampire Killers…

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