From Spin City to Sin City: Carla Gugino’s greatest film and TV moments

The Watchmen star sizzles on the big and small screen.

Carla Gugino
Carla Gugino From Spin City to Sin City.

Carla Gugino has been a dynamite star on the big and small screen since the 90s.

After getting her break in sitcom Spin City, Gugino has juggled film and TV, working with everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Ben Stiller. She even survived movies with notorious nutcases Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke.

Gugino celebrates her 45th birthday today (August 29), so what better time than now to look back at some of her memorable roles? Here are seven to jog your memory…


Spin City (1996-1998)

Everyone bangs on about how great Friends and Frasier were, but it’s worth stopping for a second to remember Spin City. During its early Michael J Fox years this sitcom about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans at the New York mayor’s office was a must-watch. Largely thanks to Gugino’s chemistry with Fox.


Snake Eyes (1998)

A twisting-turning casino-set thriller featuring Nicolas Cage at the height of his post-Oscar pomp, Snake Eyes saw Gugino play a woman who helps Cage’s manic detective unravel a conspiracy. Brian De Palma’s striking direction made this one essential viewing.


Sin City (2005)

Robert Rodriguez pioneered green screen in-studio filmmaking with his 2005 comic book adaptation. It also hit the headlines thanks to its sex, violence and screen time given to a topless Gugino, who played Marv’s (Mickey Rourke) parole officer Lucille.


Watchmen (2009)

Before Zack Snyder well and truly went off the boil, he had a stab at turning Alan Moore’s mammoth comic book into a blockbuster movie. It was a hit and miss affair, but fortunately Snyder had the benefit of a first-class cast, including Gugino as superheroine Silk Spectre.


Entourage (2007-2010)

Entourage was one of the most popular shows on HBO throughout its run in the noughties. When it came time to make a movie in 2015, the idea had ran out of steam and there was barely any interest. It might’ve helped to have brought back Gugino, who played Vincent Chase’s no nonsense agent Amanda for a 12-episode run during the show.


Elektra Luxx (2010)

Gugino’s partner in real life is filmmaker Sebastian Gutierrez, and the pair teamed up for this highly-entertaining look at a pregnant porn star trying to make a break from the adult industry. Private investigators, twin sisters and the Virgin Mary all turn up in this out-there indie flick.


Californication (2011)

Gugino cropped up in David Duchovny’s sex addict comedy Californication playing corporate lawyer Abby Rhodes in 2011. Her involvement may only have been for 10 episodes, but she left a mark on Duchovny’s Hank and fans of the show.

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