Watch: UFC’s Carla Esparza Punches Fan In Face…Because He Asked Her To

The UFC star gladly obliged to the fan’s request.

UFO heroine Carla Esparza
Carla Esparza The UFC heroine Image Carla Esparza/Twitter

Former UFC women’s straw-weight champion Carla Esparza likes to give something back to her fans. So when one requested Esparza punch him across the chops, she gladly obliged.

The 29-year-old took to social media to highlight this fan’s rather unusual request.

Esparza was careful to cover herself in the event of potential litigation though, with the aforementioned fan asked to sign a waiver before she laid the smack down.

In any event, he was more than happy to, with the resulting punch recorded for posterity on her Twitter account.

“He signed the waiver… he said hit him a ‘2 out of 10’ and I obliged,” she tweeted alongside,
the hashtags #helikedit and #heskindacute.

Maybe romance was in the air or maybe Esparza was keen to fire a warning out to her rivals and any guys thinking they can impress her. It was a pretty devastating one-two combo after all.

The incident came as part of an evening that saw Esparza brush off her recent disappointments in the Octagon, having already lost to Randa Markos in a split decision earlier this year.

She’ll next take to the ring to face Jessica Andrade at UFC 211 on 13 May.

From the looks of her swing, which only rated as a 2 out of 10 for power, Andrade had best watch herself. She could be in for one hell of a beating.

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