Cara Delevingne tests her ‘nipple detector’ on Margot Robbie

The Suicide Squad star boasts a bizarre party trick.

Karen Fukuhara Margot Robbie Cara Delevingne Suicide Squad nipple interview
"Nipple detector" Cara Delevingne knows exactly where your nipple is. Image Picture YouTube/Kristien Morato

Everyone’s got a party trick, but none quite as bizarre as the one wielded by Cara Delevingne.

The Suicide Squad star boasts a ‘super power’ that won’t get her an invite into the Avengers or X-Men. The model-turned-actor’s special ability involves being able to detect a nipple through clothing.

“I bet anyone who has a t-shirt on I can find their nipple right away.”

Appearing alongside Suicide Squad co-stars Margot Robbie and Karen Fukuhara for a press interview with Belgian journalist Kristien Morato, Delevingne offered up a convincing demonstration of her ‘detector’.

“I bet anyone who has a t-shirt on I can find their nipple right away. I have like a nipple detector in my mind,” she said.

Robbie added: “You get to point, you don’t get to feel it you just get to point.”

Though Delevingne was “millimeters away” from hitting bullseye on the Harley Quinn star, she had better luck when it came to her other targets.

Watch Delevingne’s detector in action below…

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