The Car In The Box Puzzle That Will Leave You Completely Baffled

This automobile brainteaser has got the internet confused – can you solve it?

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Logic puzzles can often prove tricky but the latest one doing the rounds online looks a tougher one to crack than most.

It involves three boxes, one car and a whole lot of debate about which one holds the illusive automobile.

The work of user Puzzlefizzy, the setup is simple enough. Readers are presented with three boxes, each of which comes alongside a statement.

The puzzle conundrum

However, only one of the three statements is true and it’s up to you to decide which.

The statements are presented as follows:

Box 1: The car is in this box.


Box 2: The car is not in this box.


Box 3: The car is not in box 1.

So, the question is: can you work out where the car is? Don’t worry if you can’t, because you would be in the majority there. Including loaded, though we skipped ahead to find the answer.

Ready for the big reveal? Here goes…


The puzzle can be solved by a process of elimination.

It cannot be in box one, because that would make the statements attached to boxes one and two correct.

The car is not in box three either, as that would also mean two of the three statements are correct.

That means box two is the one containing the car because, in this scenario, the only correct statement is the one attached to box three.

Maybe it’s just us but loaded needs a lie down after all that.

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