Car enthusiast turns his Lancer into “Batmobile”

Ben Affleck better watch out, there's a new Batmobile tearing up tarmac in Scotland.

Bat fan Scott Russell loves his Batman inspired motor. Image Deadline

A Scottish Batman enthusiast has spent two years and over two grand modifying his Mitsubishi Lancer into a Batmobile. Of sorts.

48-year-old Scott Russell of Johnstone, Scotland is the man behind the wheel of this Batmobile, and he’s thrilled with his endeavours.

In a video for Deadline News, Scott shows viewers around his motor, showing off everything from his Wayne Enterprises sticker to…erm…an “Applied Sciences Division Gotham” license plate.

“Obviously when I was a child through all the different Michael Keaton movies and stuff like that I’ve seen Batman,” Russell revealed.

 “It’s just a fascination I’ve had since I was young.”

The interior of the car is also an homage to Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, with bat symbols gracing everything from the headrests to the seats and doors.

Outside, there are blacked out alloys, complete with a Batman stamps, and a headlight filter that beams the bat-signal out when the lights are turned on…

Generally, Russell uses the car for special occasions and charity events he attends with the Renfrewshire Modified Car Club.

But he has also taken to picking his 14 year-old daughter up from school in it, something she’s not all that keen on.

And he isn’t finished yet, planning on spending another four grand on further modifications.

“My wife thinks I’m crazy, my daughter thinks I’m crazy,” Russell admitted.

“The people I work with think I’m a wee bit mad, but you know what, you only live once.”

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