Exclusive: Captain America keeps schtum on Donald Trump

Cap star Chris Evans is staying very quiet on which way his alter-ego might vote.

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He’s Captain America, the quintessential Marvel hero, with origins as a patriotic American super soldier who fought the axis of power in World War II. Just don’t ask Chris Evans what his character might make of Donald Trump’s bid to become the next US President.

Speaking to Loaded today in London, Evans discussed the pros and cons of governmental control – in line with the theme of Captain America: Civil War, which sees his character at war with Iron Man over the issue of self regulation.

While Captain America goes rogue, Iron Man sides with the government.

“I’m coming from the point of Team Cap, where he’s voting for no self-regulation,” Evans explains. “It’s not for a self-serving entity. Cap’s agenda isn’t motivated by some sort of personal gain. He’s doing it for the people.

“I think he’s still trying to think of other people. He’s coming off a couple of films where he’s seen governments fail and government at the highest level become corrupt. So his desire for deregulation is still for the people and for the right people.”

Donald Trump
Wannabe Captain America Trump could only dream of the powers held by Captain America in the fictional Marvel Universe. Image Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images

So what, then, of the man many would argue is largely motivated by personal gain – Donald Trump. What would Captain America think of him?

“These questions are a real dangerous thing you know,” smiles Evans.

“You give one little answer and then I’ll be answering questions about it for the next ten years. So I may respectfully pass on that one.”

Evans is currently in London on the publicity trail ahead of tonight’s UK premiere of the film. He admits now that he has a number of stints as Captain America under his belt with The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier and both Avengers movies, he’s enjoying the role more than ever.

“I usually struggle sitting through premieres and it’s usually very stressful for me, but with this film, I enjoyed watching it,” says the 34-year-old.

“It was great. I loved to see how the audience reacted. Maybe it’s because I’m coming close to the end of my contract and I’m just trying to embrace it.”

Captain America
Peace in our time Chris Evans and Robert Downey Junior put aside their character's differences for the premiere. Image Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Evans, who also starred as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, added: “Marvel are doing a good job and making some really good movies. And believe me, good movies aren’t always that easy to come by.”

And the secret to his ridiculously large biceps that manage to pull a helicopter back to land in one scene from the film?

“If you go to a gym and you pick heavy stuff up and put it back down until you can’t do it anymore, then you are going to get big,” he laughs. “You get out what you put in, you really do. If you walk out of the gym exhausted, you’re going to get big.”

Simple as that.

Hanging with Black Widow Evans and Marvel co-star Scarlett Johansson. Image Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Captain America: Civil War releases in cinemas Friday April 29

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