Capboom Bottle Opener Capable Of Firing Caps Off At 60mph Has Arrived

Fancy firing those pesky bottle caps 33 feet into the air? Well now you can.

The Capboom bottle opener.
The Capboom Say hello to the future

After the horror show that was 2016, it appears that things are already on the up in 2017. Well, in the world of inventions at least.

Because someone has taken it upon themselves to create a bottle opener capable of doing extraordinary things.

It’s called the Capboom and it’s here to cause havoc to your social life. A bottle opener unlike any other, this bad boy is capable of flinging caps off with incredible force – and we mean incredible.

According to the team behind this bonkers bar device, the Capboom can send caps flying up to 33 feet into the air at speeds of up to 60mph – that’s pretty fast.

Put together by Polish entrepreneur Adam Tuminski, the 29-year-old innovator first hit upon the idea while drinking beer with friends in a local park.

He noticed how his friends took it in turns to open bottles using a special technique that involved a lighter. Soon enough, Tuminski hit upon the idea of creating a slightly more practical version and the Capboom was born.

“You no longer have to wait for the New Year or the occasional champagne to make a big boom,” the product’s Kickstarter page claims.

“There are many, different bottle openers, but ours is the only one that shoots!”

Random, potentially dangerous but somehow brilliant at the same time, the team behind the project is set to go live with their Kickstarter in the coming days. Let’s get behind it.

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