Can’t decide what to watch on Netflix? Flix Roulette is here to help

Those long, drawn-out debates about what you want to watch on Netflix are now over.

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The arrival of Netflix was a real game-changer for friends and couples the world over, giving them a variety of options to choose from for an average night in.

But in giving users a wealth of movies and TV shows to choose from, the streaming giants created an entirely new problem.

Namely, that the sheer breadth and depth of available content has left viewers struggling to decide what to watch first.

“Watch Lists” quickly become full of films and series that you don’t necessarily want to view right there and then but fully intend to at a later, unspecified, date.

Other times people are too polite to force their choice on everyone else partly because, in this day and age, that sort of behaviour is frowned upon but also because of a deep-seated fear that they could be the source of ridicule should their choice prove to be a dud.

Then there are the times when you just find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer scope of what is available and, wanting to watch a million things at once, end up scrolling up and down through the menus for all eternity.

Well, help is at hand in the form of an app called Flix Roulette.

The Netflix app, Flix Roulette.
Flix Roulette This Netflix tool could change your life. Image Flix Roulette

The concept couldn’t be simpler: using either the browser based or android phone app, Flix Roulette will randomly pick a film or TV show to watch.

Users can have some say in it though, with the app offering filtering options that include director, actor, genre or even keyword.

Best of all, there’s even an option to choose a movie at random based on your mood.

Netflix and Chill will never be the same again.

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