Is The UK About To Get A Candy Crush Game Show?

Would you watch Candy Crush the game show?

Would you watch Candy Crush the game show? Image King Games

Candy Crush, the popular free-to-play mobile puzzle game phenomenon known around the world could soon be getting its very own TV quiz show in the UK.

It comes after American TV network CBS announced plans to collaborate with game creators King on a full-fledged game show version of the colourful favourite this summer.

CBS is also planning to launch the show internationally, meaning UK viewers could soon be tuning into their very own TV version of a game that’s already played by some 63 million people across the country.  

The show will see contestants use their brains, as well as their  brawn to play on enormous interactive game boards. Mario Lopez, a man familiar to millions as AC Slater on Saved By The Bell is presenting the US version of the show, though he’s unlikely to feature on the UK equivalent.



The general premise of the game sees contestants tasked with matching brightly coloured candies in combos of three or more to win points with more than 2000 levels to beat.

“Teams will use their entire bodies to swing, slide and swipe to make matches in order to conquer Candy Crush and be crowned the champions,” the creators of the show said.

This isn’t the first time the game has crossed genres. Stephen Colbert hilariously came up with a Candy Crush: The Movie segment for his show.

The result was a short and hilarious film starred Liam Neeson and Colbert in a tragic father-son drama.

No word yet on the exact premiere date for Candy Crush: The Game Show, but should it prove a success don’t be surprised to see a UK version land on ITV, Channel 5 or even Challenge TV.


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