Canadian Manners and Politely Worded Curses: A Fusion

Sorry Boot That

When the US election results came in, countless Americans crashed Canadian immigration websites in a bid to escape Trump’s America.

Why, because Canucks are really freaking nice and have free health care.

loaded would like to explore this further based on very professional and important evidence from random corners of the infobahn. Canadians are obviously known worldwide for their extreme politeness and it has spawned countless hilarious memes.

We are thankful for our amenable Northern friends on this here Earth though.

They teach us so much about togetherness, manners and maple syrup. So with that in mind, we have combined some stitch inducing memes and politely worded curses we think work well together. We want everyone to be nicer to each other, even when they don’t feel like it. 

Thank you, Canada. Yes she is. 



 Worst Riot In Canadian History



Oh, Harsh.



Rocking out, within reason


Avoid pleather upholstery, I say 


Sorry Boot That


   That’s taking it too far


O, Canada. We loves ya. 

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