The Canadian Government Has An Impressive Adult Film Collection

That's it, we are definitely moving to Canada

canada porn
Sexcula is one film in the archive... Image Library and Archives Canada

Canada is a utopia for a number of reasons; now we have yet another to add to the list: porn.

Apparently, the government of Canada has within its mittens the country’s most diverse collection of pornography from an array of eras. Library and Archives Canada are the folks behind this bounty, and as the National Post writes:

‘the mandate of the Archives is to “preserve the documentary heritage of Canada” — and a lot of that heritage has included looking at dirty books.”

canada porn
Library and Archives Canada Image National Post

All of which makes a lot of sense, given that Canada is pretty chill when it comes to sex and the like. A survey previously found that the average Canadian had 12 sexual partners in their lifetime. 

So it’s no surprise that they like their porn. The juicy titles uncovered by the Canadian newspaper included your typical playboys but also a stockpile of raunchy material from World War II since the boys overseas needed something to do while they were off fighting the Nazis.

Stag magazine was a favourite erotic periodical and featured cartoons such as these.

canada porn
Library and Archives Canada Image National Post

Another gem from the collection was a 70’s blue movie titled Sexcula about a female vampire who will, like the tagline says, ‘suck more than your blood!”

It also features a character named Dr. Fellatingstein and…a gorilla.


The archives classified the film as reflective of “the state of Canadian society at the time.”

You see, this is why Canada rules. There is also a cartoon called the snatcher about a small blob man who enjoys stealing women’s pubic hair.

canada porn
Library and Archives Canada / Vittorio Fiorruci Image National Post

Along with the fantastic healthcare, a Prime Minister sent from heaven and The University of Victoria offering a Batman course -the discovery of this collection only further confirms our need to move to Canada immediately.

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