Can You Pass This Ultimate Adam West Batman Quiz?

Holy Hole in a Donut! This will be a tough one...

Adam West as Batman... Image 20th Century Fox/ Rozrywka24

Adam West’s 1966 portrayal of Batman will go down as one of the most light hearted turns in superhero history. He was funny, cheesy and everything you’d want in a 60’s superhero romp. 

It was the first time fans saw the comic book character in a live action setting and though it only lasted three seasons, the show defined a generation and inspired waves of Batmans in the future. We also met Selina Kyle for the first time, brilliantly played by both Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt. 

Arguably, no Catwoman since has been able to top those two. 

With that in mind loaded has put together a quiz of all things 60’s Batman, some of these facts will shock you. 


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