Can You Solve The Camel Based Optical Illusion That’s Gone Viral?

It’s time to test your wits with a bit of camel-led photo trickery – but can you spot it?

Camels Image Getty

Camels are not animals you hear much about on UK shores but that’s all changed with the emergence online of an optical illusion focused on these desert-dwelling animals.

First captured by photographer George Steinmetz during a trip to Egypt back in 2005, the image has featured prominently as part of a special quiz put together by Playbuzz.

Here’s the first image. It purports to be that of a large group of camels.

A load of camels
Camels Loads of camels Image Playbuzz

But can you see the problem here or, like many more before you (us included) are you stumped by what is in front of you?

Let’s take a closer look? Any better?

Loads of camels up close.
Camels Loads of camels, up close. Image Playbuzz

It may be over a decade old but the image has recently gone viral with many perplexed as to what they are looking at.

The answer, unsurprisingly, is staring you right in the face.

While at first glance it may appear to be a picture of a group of camels walking across a landscape, your entire perspective will change once you realise what we are looking at are not the camels themselves but their shadows.

A picture of loads of camels.
The answer Is Camels Image Playbuzz

Due to the sun being so low in the sky, the camels’ shadows appear stretched out cross the sand, appearing like actual bodies.

In actual fact, the real camels are the white-looking thin bodies beside the large shadows – because the image has been taken from a bird’s eye, rather than side on view.

Optical illusion proved popular in 2016 with these two rather filthy editions, focused around in-room safe information and some potentially very sexy squiggly lines proving particularly popular.

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