He's described the warning as "political correctness gone mad".


Butcher Warned By Police Over Signs For “Big Breasted Birds” And “Horny Sausages”

By Jack Beresford

May 02, 2018

A butcher has been warned by police about the risqué signs he has been using to advertise the meats on sale inside the shop.

Pete Lymer regularly wrote on a blackboard outside J W Ash & Son Butchers about the “big breasted birds”,”horny sausages” and “big cocks” on offer inside.

However, he was left stunned when the police paid him a visit and asked that he remove the signs from the outside of the shop in Leek, Staffordshire.

Though Pete has no beef with the officers involved, he nevertheless sees the situation as “political correctness gone mad”.

“We’ve put the signs out for years and it’s always been a bit of a laugh. Just after Christmas apparently somebody complained to the police, saying it was offensive,” he told the Stoke Sentinel.

After taking the signs down at the request of the authorities, Pete soon found himself inundated with queries from customers that were upset the chalkboard had gone.

That prompted a change of heart, with the butcher opting to return the provocative signage to its original place, telling the Sentinel “it’s a sign, and it’s light humour at the end of the day.”

Now, the sign displays a brand new message urging customers buy steak to “have your rump tenderised before you leave”.

Staffordshire Police have since confirmed that no formal complaints were made over the signs and that the warning came directly from a local Chief Inspector who asked that Mr. Lymer give careful consideration to the content.

No further action has been taken.