Burger King Unveils Its New Creation: The Whopper Donut

By Jack Beresford

May 31, 2018

Burger King has unveiled its latest culinary creation: a donut burger.

Christened the “Whopper Donut”, it’s essentially a classic Whopper burger with one key difference: it’s got a hole in the middle.

Whopper donuts aren’t particularly sweet either and are best served as a smaller bite-sized treat alongside a larger, more substantial burger.

The new Whopper Donut has been created ahead of National Donut Day in the US.

It’s only available at a handful of locations too, including Boston, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, New York City or Salt Lake City.

So you will need to move pretty fast to get it and ideally be based in the US.

Failing that, you can always opt for the Hungry Horse’s calorific alternative: a burger with two donuts for buns.

Heart attack here we come.