Burger King Customer Caught Cheating In Stupidest Way Possible


Burger King
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You might not associate Burger King with romance, but the fast food chain was inadvertently involved in a sex scandal recently.

A Burger King customer was caught out cheating on his girlfriend after organising a date at one of the restaurant’s outlets over the weekend.

Cheating is never a good thing – but he might have gotten away with his two-timing ways, if he hadn’t written a truly stupid social media post.

As The Daily Mail, guilty party Jordan von Smith responded to a public Instagram snap posted by Burger King, saying that despite the poor service, “those whoppers were worth it”.

Unfortunately for him though, his girlfriend saw the post, and immediately called him out on it.


His partner Shanlee Rose wrote: “I don’t recall going last night or ever liking Burger King.”


She angrily added: “Answer your fucking phone.”

“You need to chill out, I was with @kitcass01 and we were just catching up,” he replied.

There was a further twist in store too, after @kitcass01 said: “Please don’t bring me into this.”

Shanlee angrily replied: “Fuck you, you brought yourself into this you fat bitch… Hope the whoppers were worth it. Your shit’s outside.”

It’s proof – if proof were needed – that cheaters never prosper.

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