The Burger King Chicken Nugget Colour Guide Has Been Revealed

Are you eating safe chicken nuggets?

burger king
Is your chicken nugget the right shade? Image Burger King

A food writer happened upon a damning document at a Burger King rest stop recently.

Helen Rosner, an Editor at food-based website Eater, tweeted a picture of a ‘crispy chicken fillet colour guide’ left face up on a counter at a Burger King in New York City.

Apparently, customers are not meant to see this, as it’s an aid for employees to determine which nuggets are safe to serve to customers.

The card shows five different kinds of nuggets that range from too light to obviously scorched. An arrow underneath directs the reader as to what is okay to serve and what is better left in the garbage.

It’s actually a helpful guide for anyone who patronises Burger King, because the shades of the nuggets under the ‘do not use’ category look mighty familiar. After all, we’re pretty sure we’ve encountered a nugget of this colour in the past…

chicken nugget

Maybe these guides should be on the walls of Burger Kings across the world? In any case, the comments on social media have been pretty hilarious, to say the least.

Burger King however, has yet to comment on the reveal of this classified document. In response to the mass hysteria caused by her tweet, Helen Rosner said this:

Hey, give yourself some credit Helen.  

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