Another Bullfighter Just Got Gored Up The Butt And He Only Has Himself To Blame

Another day, another Spanish matador with serious anus and sphincter injuries.

The matador involved.

It’s difficult to feel much sympathy for bullfighters.

They spend their days taunting confused and angry bulls, with violent consequences for all involved. It’s therefore difficult to feel bad when the bull involved manages to turn the tables.

Difficult but not impossible, as 20-year-old Andy Younes (pictured above hold the severed parts of a bull last year) demonstrated after getting gored up the butt by a pissed off bull with some pretty big horns.

The incident occurred during an event in the French town of Arles, near Marseille as part of the region’s Feria de Paques Easter festivities.

It’s supposed to mark the start of the French bullfighting season but Younes’ anguish may have dampened some of the excitement for the busy season ahead.

Things started well enough for Younes, who began by baiting the bull with a red cape, as is the norm.

Unfortunately for Andy, the bull soon got the better of him, running through the cloth to get behind the 20-year-old and knocking him to the ground.

The bull soon takes charge, getting his horns underneath the stricken matador and flinging him into the air several times, by the butt-hole, stabbing him in the process. At this point, it becomes clear that he’s been gored in the butt. Which is unfortunate.

Other matadors then run in trying to get the bull under control as the injured bullfighter makes his escape, bruised and bloodied.

Though his injuries were serious enough to require medical attention they did not prove to be life threatening.

And Andy really only has himself to blame.

An avid bullfighter from the age of just five, he’s incurred countless injuries down the years.

Last year, he was gored in the thighs and ankles during an event in Madrid and ended up suffering a pretty traumatic brain injury.

Maybe he should consider another sport? Tennis is pretty good. Plus, there’s no risk of getting gored up the butt either.

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