Watch: Bullfighter Gets Gored In The Testicles After Taunting Animal

Luis David Adame was left clutching his testicles, in an attempt to stem the flow of blood.

A bullfighter in Mexico.

A bullfighter suffered arguably the cruellest cut of all after being gored in the testicles during a bullfight in Mexico.

Fighter Luis David Adame was left in visible agony after the full flung him into the air after goring him by the testicles.

Adame had been taunting the bull just moments before the animal attacked him, inflicting a series of injuries that left the fighter in audible pain.

In the shock footage, Adame can even been seen attempting to stem the flow of blood pouring from the wound located in around his groin.

He was subsequently rushed to hospital from the plaza Santa Maria de Queretaro in Queretaro, where a bullfighting event was taking place.

The event continued despite this horrific disruption while Adam was back tweeting later that day:

“Bullfighting relaxed and delivered in Queretaro, then comes some betrayal that makes you fly and put the world on your head, but when the fans shout ‘bullfighter’ does not compare to anything! See you soon.”

The incident is only the latest near-miss involving a bullfighter. Earlier this year another bullfighter narrowly avoided death after being gored through the neck.

The bullfighter

Worse still, another bullfighter’s anal sphincter was left completely destroyed following a brutal bull attack.

Bullfighting has been widely condemned by animal rights activists. Comedian Ricky Gervais is among those to condemn the practice.

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