A Hipster ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ Cafe Is Heading To New York City

The man behind the butter and coffee craze plans to expand his brand on the East coast...

bullet proof coffee
The viral coffee trend is heading to the big apple... Image Pinterest/ Bulletproof Coffee

A new cafe is opening in New York City, and it’s all about a biohacking craze called Bulletproof coffee that started a few years ago.

It will be interesting to see how New Yorkers react to yet another hipster-esque coffee establishment; we guess such a place would settle in Williamsburg – the home of gentrification and millennial food trends.

Have you heard of Bulletproof coffee? It’s the coffee mixed with grass fed cow butter and “brain octane” oil that is supposed to add a boost of energy to your day and aid overall health.

bulletproof coffee
Bulletproof Coffee/Los Angeles Times

The founder of this trend is billionaire David Asprey, who wrote The Bulletproof Diet back in 2014. He believes that we can hack into our own biology and reinvent our bodies by eating and drinking a certain way. This plan also seems to involve buttery coffee.

He’s since developed a brand of coffee which contains zero mycotoxins, something he claims are found in 75% of coffee brands. Apparently, these toxins promote toxic mold that can make you very sick.

However many dispute his accusation and say that while yes, mass produced coffee does contain these naturally occurring toxins, it would take A LOT of it to make you sick.

Nevertheless, Asprey has gathered quite the following with 500K fans on Twitter alone; now he’s raised almost £20 million to fund a cafe in New York City.

bulletproof cafe
Healthy Habits by Jess

The cafe will mimic the one already open in Santa Monica California, which offers a range of bio-hacking options, including different flavours of bulletproof coffee, like vanilla and mocha.

It will probably also feature chairs that emit pulses designed to stimulate blood flow and stem cells, which are currently found in the California-based establishment. 

We’ll see how it turns out, but this could be yet another grass-fed nail in the grimy, wonderful soul of New York City.

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