Bubbles: 7 Things You Never Knew About Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimp

A closer look at the world’s most famous primate.

Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles.
Bubbles Still very much alive and well. Image Getty

When it comes to celebrity chimpanzees, they don’t come much bigger than the late Michael Jackson’s one-time pet primate, Bubbles.

Rivalled only by those chimps from the old PG Tips tea ads from all those years ago, Bubbles legacy lives on, with the King of Pop’s former pet now the subject of his very own documentary.

But how much do you really know about Bubbles and where he ended up after Jackson’s passing? Here are seven things for starters.



Bubbles was born on April 30 1983 at a research facility that bred primates for testing. Michael Jackson was able to purchase him from the facility through Bob Dunn, a world famous supplier of animals in Hollywood.

Bubbles grew up at the Jackson’s family home in Encino before moving, along with MJ, to the famous Neverland Ranch.




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