Bubbles: 7 Things You Never Knew About Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimp

A closer look at the world’s most famous primate.


Urban Legends

An Australian Michael Jackson tribute artist.
An Australian Michael Jackson tribute artist Complete with Bubbles doll Image Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee was the subject of several largely debunked urban myths. Some claimed Bubbles was, in fact, several different chimps, hired to play the role of MJ’s pet who had each, in turn, died only to be replace by a lookalike.

There was also the claim, from the National Enquirer, that Prince had used his extrasensory perception to send the chimp insane.

Arguably the most amusing concerned the claim that Bubbles would serve as the ring bearer at Elizabeth Taylor’s 1991 wedding to Larry Fortensky. Alas, it proved false.

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