By gum: Making A Murderer and Twin Peaks in bubblegum card art

These TV and film faux vintage wrappers are a sweet treat

Zack Wallenfang's art.
Chew on this Zack Wallenfang's artwork features plenty of familiar faces from TV and film. Image Zack Wallenfang

The joy of bubblegum card art has long vanished. But an American artist has channelled his love of movies like Con Air and Die Hard into a series of faux vintage Topps Wax Pack wrappers.

Popular for decades until the 80s, card giants Topps’ Wax Packs featured cards of children’s favourite players, musicians and actors along with a stick of bubblegum. 

Minneapolis of College of Art & Design graduate Zack Wallenfang took inspiration from his childhood for his art project of very modern films made to look like the wrappers.

Wallenfang said: “I like making things I feel should exist, like these faux vintage wax pack wrappers.” His website features an incredible gallery of movie and television inspired creations.

The Topps edition of Better Call Saul
Magic Mike Better Call Saul's go-to guy looks as happy as ever. Image Zack Wallenfang

Wallenfang is evidently a Netflix subscriber with Better Call Saul and Making A Murderer both featuring, though there is something slightly sinister about seeing Steven Avery in cartoon form.

The Topps Making a Murderer card
Making A Murderer Steven Avery is included in the collection. Image Zack Wallenfang

Meanwhile, Nicolas Cage is also a prominent fixture with Con Air, Face/Off and Wild At Heart on display in all their batshit brilliance.

The Topps Faceoff card
Cage uncaged Wallenfang finds a way to make Cage's Castor Troy look even more deranged. Image Zack Wallenfang
The Topps Wild at Heart card
Wild man Could Cage look any cooler? Image Zack Wallenfang

Other highlights include some top Mad Max: Fury Road efforts plus a whole lot of great stuff for fans of David Lynch, Pulp Fiction and, er, Springbreakers.

Topps Mad Max Furiosa
A fine Furiosa Charlize Theron is back in wrapper form. Image Zack Wallenfang
Topps Blue Velvet
Hop on Dennis Hopper's most bonkers performance gets a nod. Image Zack Wallenfang
Topps Pulp Fiction
Topps Tarantino Who ever thought they would see this? Image Zack Wallenfang
Topps Spring Breakers
Left field Possibly the strangest one of the bunch. Image Zack Wallenfang

It’s the kind of collection that could prove popular with kids looking for out-there artwork that also happens to have a little bit of nostalgia to it alongside a huge dollop of Cage.

Quite what the artist thinks of Nic’s latest big screen outing The Trust – a dodgy looking cop thriller with Elijah Wood accompanied by an even dodgier looking poster – is anyone’s guess.

Safe to say that nobody expects that film to be immortalised in wrapper form any time soon.

You can take a look at Wallenfang’s entire collection right here and it comes highly recommended.

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