Bryana Holly hits the beach for an absolute scorcher

To paraphrase the Beach Boys: “God only knows what we’d do without you”

Hardcore Holly Bryana has been hitting the beach Image Instagram

Summer is fast approaching, and while Britain is subject to our usual thunder, lighting and occasional bits of snow, it’s shaping up to be a sizzler for Bryana Holly and our transatlantic friends.

You don’t need to be look up American weather reports to find out such information – simply head to Holly’s Instagram page and check out her latest uploads.

If she’s sporting a rather cute cardigan or pair of trousers, assume that a slight chill has set in.

However, if her outfits fall more into the category of “skimpy” or even “borderline indecent” then you know the Americans are enjoying a hot one.

Man, it's a hot
Man, it's a hot Like seven inches from the midday sun Image Instagram

Moreover, it offers you the perfect explanation to tell your partner when she catches you looking at pictures of a semi-clad 22-year-old.

“Pervert? No love, I was merely checking the weather in the US. Why? Um…because I’m planning a surprise trip for the two of us! Surprise!”

Then again, maybe that plan needs a rethink.

Whatever the case, Holly has certainly been soaking up the sun of late with a much-needed trip to the beach chronicled on her Instagram.

Bryana Holly
Smokin' Image Instagram

And if there’s one person who’s earned a break it’s Holly, who must be exhausted from her recent trip to Coachella.

Imagine the amount of dancing, drinking and other such activities young Bryana must have been involved in – the 22-year-old needs a vacation from her vacation.

Her latest photos have proved popular, though, helped in no small part by the fact they feature her in some striking beachwear – something that’s gone down well with her followers.

Beach buddies
Beach buddies Friends forever

With user comments raging from compliments like “You’re so beautiful, omg” and “Oh you angel” to the slightly creepy and worrying “I love you”, it seems the American model has no shortage of stalkers…sorry, supporters.

On which: please visit the UK soon, Bryana.

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