Bryan Cranston making epic Philip K Dick series Electric Dreams for Channel 4

This could be better than Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston
Electric Dreams Bryan Cranston is hot property after Breaking Bad. Image Picture Christopher Polk/Getty

After starring in stone-cold classic Breaking Bad, all eyes are on Bryan Cranston to see if he’s making a return to TV.

Now we have an answer. Cranston is trading in Walter White to make Electric Dreams: The World Of Philip K Dick, a ten-part anthology series based on the sci-fi author’s short stories.

Channel 4 and Sony Pictures Television are teaming up with the hugely ambitious series, which will premiere on the UK broadcaster.

Per the Channel 4 blurb, each Electric Dreams episode “will be a sharp, thrilling standalone drama adapted and contemporised for global audiences by a creative team of British and American writers.

“This is an electric dream come true.”

“The series will both illustrate Philip K. Dick’s prophetic vision and celebrate the enduring appeal of the prized sci-fi novelist’s work.”

Cranston, who played the bad guy in the Dick-based Total Recall remake in 2012, said of the project: “This is an electric dream come true. We are so thrilled to be able to explore and expand upon the evergreen themes found in the incredible work of this literary master.”

Cranston will produce the series alongside Battlestar Galactica and Outlander creator Ronald D Moore. So expect this one to be a classy affair.

“As a long-time fan of Philip K. Dick’s work, it’s a tremendous honour and thrill to be part of this series,” Moore said. “His short stories are a treasure-trove of material for artists to draw from and I think this will be a very exciting project.”

Dick is the man responsible the stories that inspired movies from Blade Runner to Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly and the recent TV series The Man In The High Castle.

This one sounds like it’s going to be very good indeed.

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