Bruce Willis’ Death Wish Trailer Has Seriously Divided Fans On Twitter

A major comeback for Brucey or some major right wing gun-nut B.S.?

The first trailer for Bruce Willis’ next major movie, Deathwish, has arrived online and fans are already divided.

A remake of the Charles Bronson classic of the same them, which told the story of an ordinary decent man who turns vigilante in an attempt to make amends after his wife and daughter are viciously attacked, this 2017 update Is being directed by Eli Roth.

Roth previously made his name on the Hostel movies and has something of a penchant for gruesome, bloody, action if his previous cinematic efforts are anything to go by.

The film is also being scripted by Joe Carnahan, who was previously involved in crime dramas like Narc and Smokin’ Aces as well as the recent A-Team remake.

It’s a trailer that has divided fans online, with some hailing it as a return to form for Brucey and others noting the movie’s rather iffy right-wing leanings.

Some were broadly positive:

Others felt like the trailer was a giant advert for guns:

Some film critics were quick to condemn the project over the content:

While others focused on the potentially lethal combination of Roth and Willis:

Those claims seemed a little harsh, especially as Willis will be joined by a stellar supporting cast that includes Elizabeth Shue, Vincent D’Onofrio and Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris.

Others were simply left confused as to what some fans expected:

Lexi Alexander, who directed Green Street and Punisher: War Zone also made a valid point:

While another fan highlighted how fans had already been served up a perfectly serviceable Death Wish remake, courtesy of James Wan:

The film certainly looks violent, with the idea of a well-to-do surgeon dishing out justice by murdering blue-collar criminals and young gang members sounding a little suspect.

Ultimately, fans will have to wait until the movie comes out, in November, to find out.

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