Brits increasingly turn to booze before sex with new partner

Research suggests two thirds of UK singles will have a drink before getting down.

Pint for the Queen

Nervous singletons are turning to alcohol in a bid to ease any nerves they may have before sleeping with a new partner.

That is according to new research which suggests booze is increasingly used to alleviate any feelings of anxiety when hooking up with someone new.

The study suggests 81 per cent of respondents feel too nervous before sleeping with a new partner with 58 per cent citing a lack of confidence in their abilities as a key concern.

Worse still, 29 per cent of those polled admitted to regretting their first experience with a partner in the immediate aftermath of the deed.

Compiled by dating app Temptr, the study of 2,234 adults aged between 18 and 40 found 81 per cent consumed alcohol to calm nerves while 67 per cent of those polled claimed they had always been a least a little tipsy when having sex with someone for the first time.

Quick pint first?
Quick pint first? It's your round. Image Channel Four

The study also highlighted the high frequency of singles having sex on a first date.

When asked to reveal how often they engaged in first date sex, a whopping 67 per cent said ‘often’ with 23 per cent doing it ‘occasionally’ and just 10 per cent claiming it ‘rarely’ occurred.

Aside from alcohol, your chosen profession could also play a part in whether a date progresses past a few drinks or a night out.

A study by Tinder found that the most right-swiped jobs among users of the dating app included pilot, entrepreneur, firefighter and doctor.

Perhaps a change of careers, rather than another round of drinks, is the best option for all concerned.

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