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Britney Spears Looks Abs-olutely Incredible In Stunning Instagram Workout Video

By Jack Beresford

April 25, 2018

Britney Spears has been busy. Really busy.

Ahead of her upcoming “Piece of Me” tour, the Queen of 90s Pop has been getting into arguably the best shape of her life – and the results are pretty impressive.

The perfect inspiration for anyone weighing up whether they should hit the gym, Spears has been showcasing her sensational whole-body workouts on Instagram.

A true inspiration to us all, the 36-year-old has uploaded a series of videos showing off the intensely, full-body workouts she has been undertaking.

It’s intense to say the least, with the singer focusing primarily on her glutes and core with things like jump squats, donkey kicks, leg extensions and kettlebell swings.

And if it’s anywhere near as exhausting as that sounds, Spears is worthy of a lot of credit.

It’s all a far cry from her younger days, when the Hit Me Baby…One More Time star’s appearance was the source of constant scrutiny in the tabloid press.

The pressure, understandably, proved too much for the pop sensation at the time but these days she’s back fighting fit and looking better than ever.

And in an era when far too many talented performers have been lost long before their time, her comeback is a story we can all get behind.

That exercise regime does look very tiring though.