Britney Had A Little Wardrobe Malfunction At Her Las Vegas Concert

We're not complaining

Its Britney Biatch Image Planet Hollywood

Wardrobe malfunctions are pretty common with performers, especially sexy pop stars who dance their asses off. Beyonce’s been there, so has Madonna and we all know about Janet Jackson.

Britney Spears joined the club the week when her costume revealed a bit more than she would have liked. Then again, maybe she didn’t care – nipples are no big whoop.

Her residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas is by far one of the most successful ongoing events Sin City has ever seen. Britney brings in the big bucks. At one of these shows she was busy lip syncing one of her smash hits when an audience member noticed a body part flying out of her very low cut bodysuit.

One of Britney’s dancer’s grabbed her outfit a little too hard during the performance and exposed the icon’s left breast for all to see. Her body is especially banging lately so we say show it off Brit.


Beyonce, who is expecting twins, had a tiny ‘oops’ of her own at one of her concerts last year when her signature leotard ripped right at the crotch.

In true Beyonce style, she held it together with her hand and kept on singing. Britney and Beyonce are ballers.

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