British boxer considering switch to the UFC

'Saint George' admits he'd love a crack at the sport

Notorious Groves The 'Saint George' could be lining out in your nearest octagon sooner rather then later

British super-middleweight boxer George Groves has admitted he “wouldn’t rule out” a switch to UFC later down the line of his career.

The 27-year-old told Standard Sport about his Mixed Martial Art ambitions. 

“I certainly wouldn’t rule it out [a move to UFC]. I’d love to have a crack at it, but I’d want to give myself a proper go.”

“I’d want to give a good account of myself. It wouldn’t be a quick thing. I’d dedicate some time to getting ready before I had my first fight.”

His most recent outing saw him stop Andrea Di Luisa inside five rounds in January, and he has been already mixing disciplines in training.

He revealed: “I do train from guys with MMA backgrounds, jiu jitsu, Greco wrestling. It’s great exercise – it’s fun. It’s good to do something new and something a bit different.”

New game UFC 2 from EA Sports was released today Image EA Sports

“I’m keeping all my options open, getting a bit of wrestling in when I can and stuff like that.”

Groves added: “There’s always kick boxers in the gym. Sometimes they make great boxing sparring partners because they have a different rhythm and a different style that you have to contend with,”

Groves became a fan of the UFC late to the game and the British boxer praised the unpredictable nature of the sport as prime factor for it’s popularity. 

He said: “There’s some stars emerging but where it’s still relatively new some of these stars are getting a little bit found out. Like McGregor got beat. In boxing there’s great fighters who never get beat or there’s never a shock or an upset.”

“So that’s an attribute to the sport more than anything else – you get behind a guy and you never know what’s going to happen.”

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